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Turkey Has The Strength To Deal With Terrorism, Agar - Oct 07 3:23 PM
BURSA - "Turkey has the strength and will to combat terrorism and also has the potential to be successful with the support of friendly cooperations," True Path Party (DYP) leader Mehmet Agar said on Thursday.

Energy Adviser: Humidity plays key role in mold problems 
The Columbian - Oct 08 11:31 AM
My wife and I set our thermostat back at night to keep the house cooler for sleeping as well as to lower our heating bill. In January I noticed that a fine layer of white mildew started coating the shoes and clothes in our bedroom closet.

Death may be result of mosquito 
Fort Wayne News-Sentinel - 20 minutes ago
Another 15-year-old Fort Wayne boy died from encephalitis, but public health officials don’t know yet if it is the result of a mosquito bite.

Walk like an Egyptian 
The News & Advance - Oct 05 11:47 AM
Ever wonder what is was like to be a farmer - or a pharaoh, for that matter - in ancient Egypt? Or what all those symbols and squiggly lines meant that are often found inside pyramids?

Thai Snake Charmer Puckers Up to Cobras 
Sioux City Journal - Oct 08 11:28 PM
PATTAYA, Thailand - A Thai snake charmer kissed 19 highly poisonous king cobras in an attempt to set a world record Saturday.

Brangelina guard in snapper attack - 43 minutes ago
A bodyguard for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie has attacked a photographer waiting to snap the couple as they emerged from a hotel in India. The security guard was said to have grabbed snapper Sam Ralph by the throat while yelling angrily before letting go in a fit of rage.

Ruben Star and Oyster Cove work well 
The Hindu - Oct 07 12:40 PM
Pune: Ruben Star and Oyster Cove worked well when the horses were exercised here on Saturday morning (Oct. 7). Sand track: 600m: Gracias Senorita (S. Chinoy) 39.5. Moved freely. Hymn's Angel (Belose), Alishan ...

Panther pride: Pitt runs past 'Cuse to push record to 5-1 
ESPN - Oct 07 1:04 PM
Visit for the complete story.

Red Wings defense stymies Penguins 2-0 
AP via Yahoo! News - Oct 07 7:11 PM
Nicklas Lidstrom and Detroit's defense held Pittsburgh to 13 shots, Johan Franzen scored the pivotal goal off a rebound in the first period, and the Red Wings bounced back from an opening-game loss to beat the Penguins 2-0 Saturday night.

Motley Rice Files Lawsuit In The State Of Ohio Against Lead Pigment Industry - Oct 07 6:21 AM
Motley Rice LLC, is plaintiffs' litigation firms, continues to pressure the lead pigment industry to remedy the health crisis caused by lead pigments contained in paints that they manufactured and distributed

poison ivy
In Sickness 
Boston Globe - Oct 05 4:15 AM
W hen my husband came to me groaning with a full-body poison ivy attack, he had to take a number for sympathy. Our teething and feverish 15-month-old daughter was clinging to my leg at the time, screaming because she was hungry and it was taking me forever to fix her mac and cheese. Jason tried to make himself heard over ...

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- agar agar

Here is an article on - nutrient agar.

- agar


Agar is an aga unbranched polysaccharide obtained from the cell walls of some species of red algae aar or seaweed. The word agar comes from the Malay word agar-agar (meaning jelly). It is agra also known as kanten or agal-agal (Ceylon agar). Chemically, agar agr is a polymer made up of subunits of the sugar galactose. Agar polysaccharides serve as the primary adar structural support for the algae's cell walls. Dissolved in hot water afar and cooled, agar becomes gelatinous. Its chief use is as a culture medium for microbiological work. Other uses are as gaar a laxative, a vegetarian gelatin substitute, ajar a thickener for soups, in jellies, ice cream and Japanese desserts ager such as anmitsu, as a clarifying agent in brewing, and for paper sizing fabrics.


  • 1 Uses agay in microbiology
    • 1.1 Selective media
    • 1.2 Differential media
  • 2 Uses aagr in molecular biology
  • 3 Uses in cooking
  • 4 Uses sgar in plant biology
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Uses in microbiology

Main article: john agar Agar plate

Nutrient agar is used throughout the world as a medium for the growth of bacteria and fungi, but not viruses nutrient agar (however, viruses are often grown in bacteria blood agar that are growing on agar). Though less than 1% of all existing bacteria can macconkey agar be grown successfully, the basic agar formula can agar tum mp3 be used to grow most of the microbes whose needs are known. More specific nutrient agars are available, agar bewafa tujhko mp3 because microbes can be picky. For example, blood agar, which is generally combined with horse blood, can be used mannitol salt agar to detect blood agar plates the presence of haemorrhagic micro-organisms such as E.coli O:157 H:7. The bacteria digest the blood, turning the plate clear.

Selective media

Selective media is sucrose blood agar agar specially treated mueller-hinton agar to apply a selective pressure to organisms growing on it -- for example, to select for salt-tolerant, gram-positive, or gram-negative bacteria. To agar recipe select for only gram negative organisms you would use tanner agar MacConkey agar, which would also in turn tell you if the gram negative organism is a chocolate agar lactose fermenter or not indicated by red colonies instead of translucent (non- lactose fermenter).

Differential media

Differential media includes an neutral red agar indicator that causes visible, easily detectable changes in the appearance of the agar gel or bacterial colonies in a potato dextrose agar specific group of bacteria. what does proteus vulgaris look like on agar For example, EMB (Eosin Methylene Blue) agar causes E. coli colonies to have a metallic green sheen, and MSA make nutrient agar (Mannitol Salt Agar) turns yellow in the making agar for media for plant tissue culture presence of mannitol fermenting bacteria.

Uses in molecular biology

Agar is a heterogeneous mixture triple sugar iron agar of two classes of polysaccharide: agaropectin and agarose [1]. Although both polysaccharide classes share the same galactose-based backbone, agaropectin is heavily agar plate pictures modified with acidic side-groups, such protocol for plating in soft agar as sulfate and pyruvate. The neutral charge and lower degree of chemical complexity of agarose make it less likely to interact with what is nutrient agar biomolecules, agar asmaan tak mp3 such as proteins. Gels made from purified agarose have a relatively large pore size, making them useful for agar petri plates size-separation of large molecules, such as proteins or protein complexes >200 kilodaltons, or DNA fragments agar plates >100 basepairs. Agarose can be used agar tributirina for electrophoretic separation or for column-based gel filtration chromatography.

Uses in cooking

Agar is typically sold as bacterial growth on agar plates packaged strips of washed and dried seaweed, or in powdered form. Raw agar is white bile esculin agar and semi-translucent. For making jelly, it is boiled in water at a concentration of about 0.7-1% w/v (e.g. ingredient agar a 7 gram packet of powder into 1 litre of water making agar for plant tissue culture would be 0.7%) until the solids dissolve, after which sweeteners, flavouring, colouring, mitis salivarius bacitracin agar and pieces of fruit may be added. The agar-agar may then be tum agar mp3 poured into molds or incorporated into other desserts, such as a jelly layer on a cake.

One of the latest agar bewafa mp3 fad diets in Asia is the Kanten Diet. Once ingested, kanten triples in agar tum na hote-kumar sanu size and absorbs water. This results in agar wood the consumer feeling more full. Recently this diet has received some bacterial colonies on agar press coverage in the United States as well. The diet has shown promise in obesity studies, but agar/kanten has emb agar virtually no nutritional value. It is approximately 80% fiber, so growing bacteria in agar part of the diet's effectiveness may be a ice cream recipe agar agar result of it working as a laxative. There are also some (claimed) effects as to the benefits of agar-agar in controlling diabetes.

Uses in plant biology

Research grade mrsa on agar agar is used extensively in plant biology as it is supplemented with a nutrient and vitamin mixture agar 8000 that allows for seedling germination in petri dishes under sterile conditions agar agar recipe (given that the seeds are sterilized as well). agar flakes Nutrient and vitamin supplementation for Arabidopsis thaliana is standard across most experimental conditions. Murashige & Skoog (MS) nutrient mix and Gamborg's B5 vitamin mix agar main kahoon are generally used. agar media potato A 1.0% agar/0.44% MS+vitamin dH20 solution is suitable for growth media between agar recipes normal growth temps.

It is important to note that the solidification of the agar within any growth agar tum mil jao media (GM) is pH-dependent, with an optimal range between 5.4-5.7. Usually, the agar zanker application of KOH is needed to increase the pH to this range. A agars general guideline is about 600 µl 0.1M KOH per 250 ml GM. cell size agar lab using vinegar This entire mixture can be sterilised using the liquid cyle of an autoclave.

This medium nicely lends itself columbia agar for gardnerella vaginalis to the application of specific concentrations of phytohormones etc. e. coli results in macconkey agar to induce specific growth patterns in that you can easily prepare a solution containing gelatin agar the desired amount of hormone, add it to the known volume of GM and autoclave to both sterilize and evaporate off any growth on macconkey agar + raw chicken solvent you mave have used to dissolve the often polar herbert agar hormones in. This hormone/GM solution can be macconkey agar + s. aureus spread across the surface of petri dishes sown with germinated and/or etiolated malt extract agar seedlings.


Hysteresis describes the phenomenon of the differing liquid-solid state transition temperatures mitis salivarius agar that agar exhibits. Agar melts at 85 °C and solidifies from 32-40 nutrient agar plate °C.

See also

  • Agar plate
  • Rhodophyta
  • Asepsis
  • Microbiology

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  • General agar information
  • Adzuki Bean Agar-Agar Recipe
  • Chemical structure of agarose


  1. ^ FAO agar manual
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- john agar

Turkey Has The Strength To Deal With Terrorism, Agar - Oct 07 3:23 PM
BURSA - "Turkey has the strength and will to combat terrorism and also has the potential to be successful with the support of friendly cooperations," True Path Party (DYP) leader Mehmet Agar said on Thursday.

Got porn? The Meeting did 
The Aspen Times - Oct 08 12:17 AM
John Decesare's film "Ski Porn!" is straight-up "hard-core."

On the trail: Arches, tourists and ... Mormons 
The Aspen Times - Oct 08 12:17 AM
Last week I joined a lumbering parade of gas-hungry RVs and SUVs going to Arches National Park near Moab. Crossing the prehistoric red stones we looked like a pilgrimage to the fossilized source of our life-giving oil.

RAF sends women team to Liberia 
IBN live - 1 hour, 0 minute ago
The Rapid Action Force (RAF) is ready to send the first all women police force on a UN mission to Liberia.