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Walk like an Egyptian 

The News & Advance - Oct 05 11:47 AM
Ever wonder what is was like to be a farmer - or a pharaoh, for that matter - in ancient Egypt? Or what all those symbols and squiggly lines meant that are often found inside pyramids?

In Sight/Arts AUTUMN SPECIAL:CT-scan film reveals mummy mysteries - Sep 28 6:49 PM
Still on its global tour, "Mummy: The Inside Story" manages to unwrap some of the mysteries surrounding Nesperennub, a 2,800-year-old Egyptian priest without touching a single bandage.

RMS GT students visit Nashville 
News Democrat & Leader - Sep 22 10:27 AM
The Gifted and Talented students from Russellville Middle School visited the Parthenon and Frist Center for the Visual Arts in Nashville on Sept. 7. Forty-four students from the sixth, seventh and eighth grades had the experience of gaining more information about Greek mythology and the Egyptian culture.

Arts calendar 
Nashville City Paper - Sep 20 9:35 PM
Zeitgeist Art Gallery and Crosland (L & C Tower, 30th floor, 401 Church St., 256-4805) present John Folsom and Lain York . Folsom’s large scale photographic works evoke the spirit and philosophy of the Hudson River School.




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  • Creation of mumification a mummy, preserving a dead body
  • Mummification (BDSM), a sexual bondage experience
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