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Panther pride: Pitt runs past 'Cuse to push record to 5-1 

ESPN - Oct 07 1:04 PM
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Panther squads, Eaton, Howland winners at Camden Hills Invitational 
Camden VillageSoup - Oct 07 5:10 PM
ROCKPORT (Oct 7): Only the strong performance of Lincoln Academy's Mike Howland prevented Medomak Valley from earning a clean sweep during Friday afternoon's annual Camden Hills Invitational.

Panther QB, receiver develop on-field chemistry 
The Shelby Star - Oct 07 8:48 PM
CHARLOTTE — When a high-profile wide receiver joins a new NFL team there’s typically a transition period and it often takes months, sometimes even years to find the right chemistry.

CHARITY FOUNDED BY DEEJAYS: Year's Grin Kids include son of jailed ex-Panther 
The Charlotte Observer - Oct 07 4:02 AM
A man walked up to Saundra Adams late Friday morning in the ticketing area at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport and told her, "You and Chancellor deserve something nice like this."




- panther

- pink panther

Panther may refer to:

  • Any big cat from the genus Panthera e.g. Lion, Tiger, Leopard, Jaguar
  • Regionally, the Leopard (Asia and Africa), Puma (North America, especially in panter reference to the Florida panther subspecies), and Jaguar (South America)
  • A leopard, jaguar or puma with melanism anther is colloquially pather called a black panther, or with white fur, a white panther
  • Early naturalists classed leopards with longer tails as panthers while panthar those with shorter tails were classed patnher as leopards.
  • Panther (legendary creature), a mythological beast
  • Pink Panther, a series of American/ British comedic films
  • The Pink Panther, a pink colored cartoon panthe panther
  • Mac OS X v10.3 operating system, codenamed 'Panther'
  • Panther Westwinds, a car manufacturer,
  • Panther (motorcycle), pink panther a motorcycle manufactured by Phelon & Moore
  • Ford Panther platform, a large rear panther wheel drive car platform built by Ford

In politics:

  • Black Panther Party, a carolina panthers revolutionary Black nationalist organisation in the United States formed during the 1960s
  • Gray Panthers, panthers an American organization promoting senior citizens' rights
  • White Panther black panther Party, a political collective founded in the United States in 1968 by John and Leni Sinclair

In the military:

  • Panther tank, tank black panthers of Nazi Germany in WWII
  • F9F Panther, a the pink panther jet fighter used by the US Navy in the Korean War
  • Panther Command and Liaison Vehicle, a new vehicle for the British Army
  • Name of florida panther the German gunboat sent to pink panther theme the Moroccan port of Agadir in 1911
  • Eurocopter Panther, based on the Eurocopter Dauphin

In sports:

  • Carolina Panthers, pink panther techno remix an American football team in the NFL
  • Penrith Panthers, a team in the NRL
  • Florida Panthers, an techno pink panther remix download ice hockey team in pink panther cartoon the NHL
  • Nottingham Panthers, an ice hockey club in the EIHL
  • Michigan Panthers were a professional black panther animal American football team that played in the United States Football League in the pink panther theme song mid 1980s.
  • Plymouth State Panthers, NCAA Division III athletic teams of Plymouth State University
  • Georgia State Panthers, athletic teams of Georgia State University
  • Simmons College black panther party (Kentucky) Panthers, athletic team of pink panther mp3 Simmons College of Kentucky
  • Northern Iowa Panthers, athletic teams of the University of Northern Iowa
  • Embrun Panthers, pitt panthers Eastern Ontario Junior C Hockey League team.
  • Pittsburgh Panthers, athletic pink panther gallery teams of the University of Pittsburgh that plays in the NCAA Big East Conference.

In geography:

  • Panther, Iowa is in Dallas County
  • Panther, Kentucky is in panther tattoos Daviess County
  • Panther, Nevada is in Washoe County
  • Panther, Oklahoma is in Haskell County
  • Panther, Pennsylvania florida panthers (Clinton County) is in Clinton County
  • Panther, Pennsylvania (Pike County) carolina panthers tickets is in Pike County
  • Panther, West Virginia is in McDowell County, panthers animals zip code 24872

In video games:

  • Panther, a tank simulator by John panther logo Edo Haefeli in the 1970s

In media:

  • Panther, a 1995 film based on experiences of the Black Panther Party
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