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Brangelina guard in snapper attack - 43 minutes ago
A bodyguard for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie has attacked a photographer waiting to snap the couple as they emerged from a hotel in India. The security guard was said to have grabbed snapper Sam Ralph by the throat while yelling angrily before letting go in a fit of rage.

Bears let Jauron know where new team stands 
Chicago Sun-Times - 18 minutes ago
Several Bears players made it a point to shake Dick Jauron's hand Sunday after their 40-7 dismantling of the Buffalo Bills, among them long snapper Patrick Mannelly, defensive lineman Israel Idonije, fullback Jason McKie and Brian Urlacher.

Brangelina guard 'roughs up snapper' - Oct 08 10:54 PM
A bodyguard for Hollywood couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt allegedly assaulted a British photographer outside their luxury hotel in the western Indian city of Pune.

Snapper Attacked By Brangalina Guard 
Sky News via Yahoo! UK & Ireland News - Oct 08 10:26 AM
A British photographer is considering taking legal action against Hollywood superstars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie after he was violently grabbed around the neck by the couple's bodyguard.




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Humpback red snapper, Lutjanus gibbus
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Perciformes
Family: Lutjanidae


The Lutjanidae or anapper snapper snappers are snapper lawn mowers a family of perciform fishes, mainly marine but with some members living in estuaries, and entering fresh water snapper mowers to feed. Some are important food fish. One red snapper of the best known is the red snapper.

Snappers are found in the tropical and subtropical regions of all snapper lawn mower tires the oceans. They can grow to about a snapper parts metre in length. Most feed on crustaceans or other fish, though a few are plankton-feeders. They can be snapper mower kept in aquaria, but mostly grow too fast to be popular aquarium fish. They live at snapper mower parts depths of up to 450m.

About 100 species of snapper are currently recognised, divided into snapper lawnmowers about 16 genera. A very large number of fish species have red snapper recipes "snapper" in their common name; most but not all of these are members of the family Lutjanidae. Almost all snapper lawn mower the 60 or so snapper lawn mower parts species in the genus Lutjanus have common names including the word "snapper".


  • Genus Aphareus
    • Small toothed jobfish, snappers Aphareus furca (Lacépède, 1801).
    • Rusty jobfish, Aphareus rutilans Cuvier, 1830.
  • Genus Aprion
    • Green jobfish, Aprion virescens Valenciennes, 1830.
  • Genus Apsilus
    • Black snapper, red snapper recipe Apsilus dentatus Guichenot, 1853.
    • African forktail snapper, Apsilus fuscus Valenciennes, 1830.
  • Genus Etelis
    • Ruby snapper, snapper riding lawn mower Etelis carbunculus Cuvier, 1828.
    • Flame snapper, Etelis coruscans Valenciennes, 1862.
    • Queen snapper, Etelis oculatus (Valenciennes, 1828).
    • Scarlet snapper, mangrove snapper Etelis radiosus Anderson, 1981.
  • Genus Hoplopagrus
    • Mexican barred snapper, Hoplopagrus guentherii Gill, 1862.
  • Genus Lipocheilus
    • Tang's snapper, snapper riding mowers Lipocheilus carnolabrum (Chan, 1970).
  • Genus Lutjanus
    • Yellow-banded snapper, grouper and snapper fishing videos Lutjanus adetii (Castelnau, 1873).
    • African red snapper, Lutjanus agennes Bleeker, 1863.
    • Ambiguous snapper, Lutjanus ambiguus (Poey, 1860).
    • Mutton snapper, buy red snapper online Lutjanus analis (Cuvier, 1828).
    • Schoolmaster snapper, Lutjanus apodus (Walbaum, 1792).
    • Mullet snapper, Lutjanus aratus (Günther, 1864).
    • Mangrove red snapper, beloit snappers Lutjanus argentimaculatus (Forsskål, 1775).
    • Yellow snapper, Lutjanus argentiventris (Peters, 1869).
    • Bengal snapper, Lutjanus bengalensis (Bloch, 1790).
    • Two-spot banded buy hog snapper online snapper, Lutjanus biguttatus (Valenciennes, 1830).
    • Indonesian snapper, Lutjanus bitaeniatus (Valenciennes, 1830).
    • Two-spot red buy mutton snapper online snapper, Lutjanus bohar (Forsskål, 1775).
    • Moluccan snapper, Lutjanus boutton (Lacépède, 1802).
    • Blackfin snapper, Lutjanus buccanella (Cuvier, 1828).
    • Northern red parts for snapper lawn mower snapper, snapper lawnmower parts Lutjanus campechanus (Poey, 1860).
    • Spanish flag snapper, Lutjanus carponotatus (Richardson, 1842).
    • Blueline snapper, Lutjanus coeruleolineatus (Rüppell, 1838).
    • Colorado snapper, snapper turtles Lutjanus colorado Jordan & Gilbert, 1882.
    • Cubera snapper, Lutjanus cyanopterus (Cuvier, 1828).
    • Checkered snapper, Lutjanus decussatus (Cuvier, 1828).
    • African brown snapper, Lutjanus dentatus (Duméril, 1861).
    • Sunbeam snapper, texas snapper recipes unique Lutjanus dodecacanthoides (Bleeker, 1854).
    • Blackspot snapper, Lutjanus ehrenbergii (Peters, 1869).
    • Guinea snapper, repair parts for snapper lawn mowers Lutjanus endecacanthus Bleeker, 1863.
    • Crimson snapper, Lutjanus erythropterus Bloch, 1790.
    • Golden African buy yellowtail snapper online snapper, Lutjanus fulgens (Valenciennes, 1830).
    • Dory snapper, Lutjanus fulviflamma (Forsskål, 1775).
    • Blacktail snapper, snapper d lawn tractor parts Lutjanus fulvus (Forster, 1801).
    • Freshwater snapper, snapper fishing louisiana Lutjanus fuscescens (Valenciennes, 1830).
    • Humpback red snapper, Lutjanus gibbus (Forsskål, 1775).
    • Papuan black snapper, Lutjanus goldiei (Macleay, 1882).
    • Gorean snapper, snapper hand Lutjanus goreensis (Valenciennes, 1830).
    • Mangrove snapper, Lutjanus griseus (Linnaeus, 1758).
    • Yellowfin red snapper, Lutjanus guilcheri Fourmanoir, 1959.
    • Spotted rose snapper, Lutjanus guttatus (Steindachner, 1869).
    • Golden snapper, snapper turtle snapper dealers Lutjanus inermis (Peters, 1869).
    • Dog snapper, Lutjanus jocu (Bloch & Schneider, 1801).
    • John's snapper, Lutjanus johnii (Bloch, 1792).
    • Jordan's snapper, Lutjanus jordani (Gilbert, 1898).
    • Common bluestripe snapper fish snapper, Lutjanus kasmira (Forsskål, 1775).
    • Yellowstreaked snapper, Lutjanus lemniscatus (Valenciennes, 1828).
    • Lunartail snapper, Lutjanus lunulatus (Park, 1797).
    • Bigeye snapper, snapper lawnmower Lutjanus lutjanus Bloch, 1790.
    • Indian snapper, Lutjanus madras (Valenciennes, 1831).
    • Mahogany snapper, snapper riding mower Lutjanus mahogoni (Cuvier, 1828).
    • Malabar blood snapper, Lutjanus malabaricus (Bloch & Schneider, 1801).
    • Pygmy snapper, snapper zero turn lawn mowers Lutjanus maxweberi (Popta, 1921).
    • Samoan snapper, snapper comet Lutjanus mizenkoi Allen & Talbot, 1985.
    • Onespot snapper, Lutjanus monostigma (Cuvier, 1828).
    • Bluestriped snapper, snapper riding lawn mowers Lutjanus notatus (Cuvier, 1828).
    • Pacific cubera snapper, Lutjanus novemfasciatus Gill, 1862.
    • Spotstripe snapper, Lutjanus ophuysenii (Bleeker, 1860).
    • Pacific red whipper snapper cat rubber stamp snapper, Lutjanus peru (Nichols & Murphy, 1922).
    • Southern red snapper, Lutjanus purpureus Poey, 1876.
    • Five-lined snapper, Lutjanus quinquelineatus (Bloch, 1790).
    • Blubberlip snapper, audiovox 8915 snapper Lutjanus rivulatus (Cuvier, 1828).
    • Yellow-lined snapper, cooking red snapper Lutjanus rufolineatus (Valenciennes, 1830).
    • Russell's snapper, Lutjanus russellii (Bleeker, 1849).
    • Humphead snapper, Lutjanus sanguineus (Cuvier, 1828).
    • Emperor red snapper, Lutjanus sebae (Cuvier, 1816).
    • Black-banded snapper, snapper pictures Lutjanus semicinctus Quoy & Gaimard, 1824.
    • Star snapper, snapper rear engine mowers Lutjanus stellatus Akazaki, 1983.
    • Lane snapper, Lutjanus synagris (Linnaeus, 1758).
    • Timor snapper, Lutjanus timorensis (Quoy & Gaimard, 1824).
    • Blue and snapper riding mower parts gold snapper, Lutjanus viridis (Valenciennes, 1846).
    • Brownstripe red snapper, Lutjanus vitta (Quoy & bean snappers Gaimard, 1824).
    • Silk snapper, Lutjanus vivanus (Cuvier, 1828).
  • Genus Macolor
    • Midnight snapper, fishing louisiana snapper Macolor macularis Fowler, 1931.
    • Black and white snapper, Macolor niger (Forsskål, 1775).
  • Genus Ocyurus
    • Yellowtail snapper, snapper comet manual Ocyurus chrysurus (Bloch, 1791).
  • Genus Paracaesio
    • Japanese snapper, Paracaesio caerulea (Katayama, 1934).
    • Vanuatu snapper, Paracaesio gonzalesi Fourmanoir & Rivaton, snapper lawnmover blade 1979.
    • Saddle-back snapper, Paracaesio kusakarii Abe, 1960.
    • Paracaesio paragrapsimodon Anderson & Kailola, 1992.
    • Dirty ordure snapper, Paracaesio sordida Abe & snapper recipes Shinohara, 1962.
    • Cocoa snapper, Paracaesio stonei Raj & snapper riding mower diagram Seeto, 1983.
    • Paracaesio waltervadi Anderson & Collette, 1992.
    • Yellowtail blue snapper, Paracaesio xanthura (Bleeker, 1869).
  • Genus Parapristipomoides
    • Scalemouth jobfish, alligator snapper turtle Parapristipomoides squamimaxillaris (Kami, 1973).
  • Genus Pinjalo
    • Slender pinjalo, Pinjalo lewisi Randall, Allen & cooking snapper Anderson, 1987.
    • Pinjalo, Pinjalo pinjalo (Bleeker, 1850).
  • Genus Pristipomoides
    • Wenchman, Pristipomoides aquilonaris (Goode & Bean, 1896).
    • Ornate jobfish, Pristipomoides argyrogrammicus (Valenciennes, 1832).
    • Goldflag jobfish, Pristipomoides auricilla (Jordan, Evermann grilled red snapper & Tanaka, 1927).
    • Crimson jobfish, Pristipomoides filamentosus (Valenciennes, 1830).
    • Golden eye lawn mowers snapper turn zero jobfish, Pristipomoides flavipinnis Shinohara, 1963.
    • Slender wenchman, Pristipomoides freemani Anderson, 1966.
    • Cardinal snapper, Pristipomoides macrophthalmus (Müller & snapper lawn tractor Troschel, 1848).
    • Goldbanded jobfish, Pristipomoides multidens (Day, 1871).
    • Lavender jobfish, Pristipomoides sieboldii (Bleeker, 1854).
    • Sharptooth jobfish, snapper lawn tractors Pristipomoides typus Bleeker, 1852.
    • Oblique-banded snapper, snapper lawnmower blades Pristipomoides zonatus (Valenciennes, 1830).
  • Genus Randallichthys
    • Randall's snapper, Randallichthys filamentosus (Fourmanoir, 1970).
  • Genus Rhomboplites
    • Vermilion snapper, Rhomboplites aurorubens (Cuvier, 1829).
  • Genus Symphorichthys
    • Sailfin snapper, snapper mower forum Symphorichthys spilurus (Günther, 1874).
  • Genus Symphorus
    • Chinamanfish, Symphorus nematophorus (Bleeker, 1860).


  • Paulin, Chris D. "Pagrus auratus, a new combination for the species snapper rear engine rider known as "snapper" in Australasian waters (Pisces: Sparidae)". New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research, 1990, snapper rocks 24:259-265.
  • "Lutjanidae". FishBase. Ed. Ranier Froese and snapper z rider 17hp riding mower Daniel Pauly. January 2006 version. N.p.: FishBase, 2006.
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