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Venezuela ships Nicaragua diesel in show of support 

Reuters via Yahoo! News - Oct 07 7:05 PM
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez sent Nicaragua a shipment of cut-price diesel fuel on Saturday in a demonstration of his support for Nicaragua's leftist opposition leader, Daniel Ortega, before a November 5 presidential election.

How do I know if my car needs ultra low sulfur diesel and whether that's what's in the pump? 
Louisville Courier-Journal - 2 hours, 6 minutes ago
A: Fuel cap labels are required for 2007 and later model year engines that require the fuel. Federal rules require all diesel pumps to specify the type of diesel.

U.S. Diesel Fuel Cost Survey 
Ag Report - Oct 05 5:07 PM
WASHINGTON - Oct 5/06 - SNS -- The weekly diesel price provides a proxy for trends in U.S. truck rates, according to the USDA. Diesel fuel is a significant expense for agriculture commodity movements by truck, accounting for 37% of the estimated variable cost.

Diesel cleanup gets under way 
Casper Star-Tribune - Oct 08 1:20 AM
LIVINGSTON, Mont. (AP) -- Cleanup of an estimated 1 million gallons of diesel fuel in the groundwater and soils beneath railroad yards here has restarted after a 10-year lapse.

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This article is about the fuel. For other uses, see Diesel (disambiguation).
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Diesel or diesel fuel is a specific fractional diesel fuel lubricity distillate of fuel oil (mostly petroleum) that is used as diesel fuel tanks fuel in a diesel engine invented by German engineer Rudolf Diesel. The term typically refers to fuel that has diesel fuel prices been processed from petroleum, but increasingly, alternatives such as biodiesel bio diesel fuel or biomass to liquid cec f-06-a-96 measurement of diesel fuel lubricity (BTL) or gas to liquid (GTL) diesel that are not derived from petroleum are being developed diesel fuel mileage and adopted.


  • 1 Petroleum diesel
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  • 2 Synthetic additive making jet fuel into diesel fuel diesel
  • 3 Biodiesel
  • 4 Applications
    • 4.1 Internal diesel motorhome fuel economy Combustion Engines
    • 4.2 Automobile racing
    • 4.3 Other diesel fuel additives uses
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Petroleum diesel

A vintage Diesel pump

Diesel is produced from petroleum, and diesel fuel injector pump is sometimes called diesel fuel polishing systems petrodiesel when there is a need to distinguish it from diesel obtained from other sources such alternative diesel fuels as (biodiesel). It is a 2007 diesel fuel hydrocarbon mixture, obtained in the fractional distillation of crude oil between 250 °C and 350 °C at atmospheric pressure.

The density of diesel is about low sulfur diesel fuel 850 grams per waste vegetable oil and diesel fuel blend liter whereas gasoline (British English: petrol) has a density of about 720 g/l, about 15% less. When burnt, diesel typically releases about 40.9 walbro 6805 diesel fuel pumps megajoules (MJ) per liter, whereas diesel fuel injection gasoline releases 34.8 MJ/L, also about 15% less. Diesel is generally simpler to diesel fuel injectors refine than gasoline and often costs diesel fuel injectors uk less (although price fluctuations sometimes mean that the inverse is true; for cooking oil fuel for diesel engines example, the cost of diesel traditionally rises during colder months as demand for heating oil, which is refined much the same way, rises).

Diesel powered diesel fuel injector cars generally have diesel pickup truck fuel economy greater fuel economy than gasoline powered cars, which is due to the cheap diesel fuel greater energy content of diesel fuel and also the intrinsic efficiency of the diesel engine. That translates vegetable oil diesel fuel alternative commonly in a 40% better mileage than equivalent vegetable oil for diesel fuel gasoline engines [1]. Proponents of diesel powered automobiles often cite this advantage as a way to reduce can you remove red dye from diesel fuel Greenhouse gas emissions. While diesel's 15% higher volumetric difference between fuel oil and diesel energy density results in 15% higher greenhouse gas emissions per liter compared to gasoline[1], it's diesel fuel filter pump the 40% diesel fuel quality better fuel economy that the modern diesel-engined car has that offsets the emissions of greenhouse gases, diesel fuel savers resulting in less CO2 emission per kilometer. [2][3]

Also, diesel fuel often contains higher quantities diesel truck fuel heater of sulphur. European emission standards and preferential taxation weight of diesel fuel have forced oil refineries to dramatically reduce the level of sulphur in diesel fuels. In contrast, the United States why is diesel fuel priced higher than gasoline has long had "dirtier" diesel, although more aviation diesel fuel injection pumps stringent emission standards have been adopted with the transition to ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) diesel fuel pump starting in 2006 and becoming mandatory on June 1, 2010 (see also diesel exhaust). U.S. diesel fuel typically diesel fuel treatment also has a lower cetane number (a measure of diesel fuel changes ignition quality) than European diesel fuel line diesel, resulting in worse cold weather performance and some increase in properties of diesel fuel emissions. High levels of sulphur in diesel are harmful for the environment. It prevents water in diesel fuel the use of catalytic diesel particulate filters to control diesel diesel fuel injection pump particulate emissions, as well as more advanced technologies, such as nitrogen oxide (NOx) adsorbers (still diesel fuel pumps vegetable oil svo under development), to reduce emissions. However, lowering sulphur also reduces the lubricity of the fuel, meaning that additives diesel fuel sending units, suburban must be put into diesel fuel shortage the fuel to help lubricate engines. Biodiesel is an effective lubricant.

Chemical composition

Petroleum derived diesel is composed of about 75% saturated hydrocarbons (primarily paraffins including n, iso, and cycloparaffins), and 25% aromatic diesel truck cummins fuel mileage hydrocarbons ford f350 power stroke diesel fuel economy (including naphthalenes and alkylbenzenes).[2] The average chemical formula for common diesel fuel is C12H26, ranging from approx. used lubricating oil as diesel fuel C10H22 to C15H32.

Algae, microbes, and water

There has diesel duramax fuel mileage been a lot of discussion and misinformation about diesel fuel injector cleaner algae in diesel fuel. An alga is a plant, and it requires sunlight to live and grow. As there diesel fuel injector pump manfacturers is no sunlight in a closed fuel tank, diesel fuel oil no algae can survive there. However, some microbes can survive there. They can diesel fuel tank feed on the diesel fuel.

These microbes form a slimy colony that lives at the fuel/water interface. They grow ford fuel milage for 60 power stroke diesel quite rapidly in warmer temperatures. They can even grow in cold weather when fuel increasing diesel fuel mileage tank heaters are installed. Parts of the colony make diesel fuel can break off and clog the fuel lines and fuel filters.

It is replacement filters oil air fuel diesel john deere perkins possible to either kill this growth with a soybean oil diesel fuel additive biocide treatment, or eliminate the water, a necessary component of microbial life. There aviation diesel fuel injection systems are a number of biocides on the market, which must be handled very carefully. diesel fuel filter replacement If a biocide is used, it must be added every time a tank diesel fuel injection petroleum pump is refilled until the problem is fully resolved.

Biocides attack the cell wall of microbes resulting in diesel fuel mileage improvments lysis, the death of a cell by bursting. The risk diesel fuel polishing of filter clogging may continue for a diesel fuel pumps and vegetable oil svo short period after biocide treatment until cellular residues break down cooking diesel from fuel oil and are absorbed into the fuel.

Synthetic diesel

Wood, straw, corn, garbage, cooking oil as diesel fuel and sewage-sludge may be dried and gasified. After purification the Fischer Tropsch process is crankcase oil as diesel fuel used to produce synthetic diesel. [3] Other attempts use enzymatic processes and are also economic in case of high oil prices. diesel fuel injector tester Synthetic diesel may also be produced out of natural gas in the GTL process diesel fuel specifications or out of coal in the CTL process. dodge diesel fuel injector pump Such synthetic diesel has 30% less particulate emissions than conventional diesel (US- California) [4].


Main article: Biodiesel

Biodiesel can be obtained from vegetable oil (vegidiesel / vegifuel), or electric diesel fuel pump animal fats (bio-lipids, using transesterification). Biodiesel is a non-fossil fuel alternative to petrodiesel. It can how does a diesel fuel injector operate also be mixed with petrodiesel in any portable diesel fuel tanks amount in modern engines, though when first using it, the solvent properties of the fuel tend transporting diesel fuel to dissolve accumulated deposits and can clog fuel filters. Biodiesel has walbro diesel fuel pumps a higher gel point than petrodiesel, but is comparable 12 volt diesel fuel pump to diesel #2. This can be overcome by using a 6 0 diesel fuel mileage biodiesel/petrodiesel blend, or by installing a fuel heater, but bosch diesel fuel injection pump this is only necessary during the colder months. There have been reports that a diesel-biodiesel mix results diesel engine fuel injectors in lower emissions than either can achieve alone. A small percentage of biodiesel can be used as diesel fuel fittings an additive in low-sulphur formulations diesel fuel price of diesel to increase the lubricity lost when the sulphur is removed.

Chemically, most biodiesel consists of alkyl (usually diesel fuel weight methyl) esters instead of the alkanes and aromatic hydrocarbons of petroleum diesel pickup truck fuel mileage derived diesel. However, biodiesel has combustion dodge diesel fuel pump properties very similar to petrodiesel, including combustion energy and cetane ratings. Paraffin biodiesel also exists. used oil as diesel fuel Due to the purity of the source, it has a bosch diesel fuel inj pump higher quality than petrodiesel.

Ethanol can be added to petroleum diesel fuel in amounts up to 15% bosch diesel fuel injection along with additives cummins diesel fuel mileage to keep the ethanol emulsified. [4], however the cetane rating and lubricity of the fuel are both reduced and must be corrected with additives.


Internal Combustion diesel fuel problems Engines

Diesel is used in diesel engines, a type of internal combustion engine. Rudolf Diesel originally designed the diesel engine diesel fuel properties to use vegetable oils as a fuel in order diesel fuel storage tanks to help support agrarian society and to enable independent craftsmen and artisans to ford f 350 power stroke diesel fuel economy compete with large industry.[5] ford f350 diesel fuel pump [6] Diesel engines are used in cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats fuel mileage 2005 chevrolet duramax diesel and locomotives.

Packard diesel motors were used in aircraft as early as 1927, and Charles Lindbergh replacement filters oil air fuel diesel flew a Stinson SM1B with a Packard Diesel in 1928. A Packard the difference between diesel fuel and home heating oil diesel motor designed by L.M. Woolson was fitted to a Stinson X7654, and in vegetable oil diesel fuel 1929 it was flown 1000 km non-stop from Detroit to Langley, Virginia (near Washington, D.C.). In better fuel mileage diesel trucks 1931, Walter Lees and Fredrick Brossy set the nonstop better fuel mileage in diesel trucks flight record flying a Bellanca powered by a Packard Diesel for 84h 32m. The Hindenburg was powered current fuel prices biodiesel diesel heating oil by four 16 cylinder diesel engines, each diesel electric fuel marine pump with approximately 1200 horsepower available in bursts, and 850 horsepower available diesel fuel in oil for cruising.

The very first diesel-engine automobile trip was completed on January 6, diesel fuel injectors 62l 1930. The trip was from Indianapolis to New York City, a distance diesel fuel msds of nearly 1300 km. This feat helped to prove diesel tractor fuel injector the usefulness of the internal combustion engine.

Automobile racing

Audi V12 TDI turbo diesel engine

In 1931, duramax diesel fuel economy Dave Evans drove his Cummins Diesel Special to a nonstop ford f250 diesel fuel mileage finish in the Indianapolis 500, the ford f350 fuel capacity diesel first time a car had completed the race without a pit stop. That car increase diesel fuel mileage and a later Cummins Diesel Special are on display at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall low sulfer diesel fuel of Fame Museum[5].

With turbocharged Diesel-cars getting stronger in the 1990s, power services diesel fuel supplement msds they were entered in touring car racing, and repairing a leaking diesel fuel tank BMW even won the 24 Hours Nürburgring in 1998 with a 320d. After winning storing diesel fuel the 12 Hours of Sebring in waste vegetable oil as a diesel replacement fuel 2006 with their Diesel-powered R10 LMP, Audi won the 24 winter grade diesel fuel mileage Hours of Le Mans, too. This is the first time a Diesel-fueled 275 gal diesel fuel storage tank vehicle has won at Le Mans against cars powered with regular fuel or other alternative fuel like methanol or bio-ethanol. Competitors like Porsche 7 3 diesel fuel mileage predicted china diesel fuel injection pump testbench this victory for Audi as the regulation is pro-diesel. French automaker Peugeot cooking oil for diesel fuel is also planning to enter a diesel powered LMP in 2007.

Other uses

Bad quality diesel dodge fuel mileage (high sulphur) diesel fuel has been used as a palladium extraction agent for the liquid-liquid extraction of this metal from nitric diesel fuel conversion to soybean oil acid mixtures. This has been proposed as a means of diesel fuel injection pump testbench separating the fission diesel pickup fuel mileage product palladium from PUREX raffinate which comes from used nuclear fuel. In this diesel ran out of fuel solvent extraction system the hydrocarbons of the diesel act as the diluent while the dialkyl sulfides act as the extractant. diesel trucks fuel economy This extraction operates by a solvation dodge cummins 600 turbo diesel fuel mileage mechanism. So far neither a pilot plant or full scale plant has been constructed dyed diesel fuel to recover palladium, rhodium or ruthenium from nuclear fj60 toyota diesel fuel mileage wastes created by the use of nuclear fuel.[6]


Diesel fuel is very similar to heating oil which is used in central heating. In Europe, the United States and Canada, taxes on waste oil conversion to diesel fuel diesel 1999 ford f350 diesel fuel system will not start after fuel are higher than on heating oil due to the fuel tax, and in those areas, heating oil 60 powerstroke diesel chips increase fuel mileage is marked with fuel dyes and trace chemicals to best diesel fuel additive prevent and detect tax fraud. Similarly, "untaxed" diesel is available in the United States, diesel fuel classifications which is available for use primarily in agricultural applications such as for tractor fuel. This untaxed diesel is diesel fuel cost also dyed red for identification purposes, and diesel fuel filtration should a person be found to be using this untaxed diesel fuel heating oil diesel fuel for a typically taxed purpose (such as "over-the-road", or driving use), the user can be diesel fuel injection pumps fined US$10,000. In the United Kingdom it is known as red diesel, and is diesel fuel injection test bench diesel fuel injector pu also used by agricultural vehicles. Diesel fuel, or Marked Gas Oil is dyed green in the Republic of Ireland. The diesel fuel injector pump manufacturers term DERV (short for "diesel engined road vehicle") is also used in the UK diesel fuel service as a synonym for diesel fuel. In India, diesel fuel testing analysis experts taxes on diesel fuel are lower than on gasoline diesel fuel weight per gallon as majority of the transportation that transports grains and diesel s and fuel mileage other essential commodities across the country runs on diesel.


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