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A whole world in her hands 

The Arizona Republic - Oct 08 1:56 AM
Cheri DeGruccio makes dolls. But not just any dolls. She makes tiny dolls. Make that teeny dolls. Actually they are teeny-tiny dolls.

Old Home Days draws large crowd on Town Common 
Public Spirit - Oct 06 9:16 PM
TOWNSEND -- The quaint New England Town Common came alive with old-fashioned fun as the 275th Anniversary Committee held Old Home Days under clear skies.

Northwest Voice 
Tehachapi News - Oct 03 3:35 PM
Oct. 1 begins a six-week showing of the clay arts at Gallery ‘n’ Gifts, sponsored by the Tehachapi Valley Arts Association. Come meet the artists at a reception in their honor on Oct. 7 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Gallery ‘n’ Gifts, located at the corner of Tehachapi Blvd. and Green Street.

The Guide 
The State Journal-Register - Oct 05 5:11 AM
Items for The Guide should be submitted in writing to Polly Greer, A&E, third floor newsroom, The State Journal-Register, by noon Monday for Thursday publication. These listings are for live entertainment only. Information for The Guide also can be e-mailed to polly.greer@sj-r.com.




- polymer clay projects

- polymer clay

Polymer clay is polymer polyvinyl chloride; it contains no clay minerals, and only shares the name to polymerclay reflect that both can exhibit plasticity.


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Polymer clay's polymer clay projects history as an art media is only decades long, unlike many media that have been around for centuries and have long free polymer clay projects traditions. This newness means that there is a great deal of innovation by users of polymer clay jewelry polymer clay. Often, ideas polymer clay fairies are born by borrowing from the traditions of some other materials, such as metalworking (mokume polymer clay ideas gane), ceramics, glass (millefiore), paper, etc.

Polymer clay hardens by curing at temperatures created in a typical home oven (generally at 265 to polymer clay molds 275 °F (129 to 135 polymer clay techniques °C), for 15 minutes per 1/4" (6 mm) of thickness), and does not polymer clay ornaments shrink or change texture during the process. When properly cured, most clays create items which won't break if polymer clay beads dropped or normally stressed. It also comes in liquid form and in permanently flexible solid form. polymer clay christmas ornaments A piece may polymer clay figures have additional layers or enhancments added to it, and re-cured with no ill effect. As long as the maximum sculpting with polymer clay curing temperature is not exceeded there is no limit to the number of times polymer clay materials a piece can be re-cured.

Polymer clay is sold polymer clay artists in craft, hobby, and art stores, and is used by artists, hobbyists, and polymer clay jewellery children. Leading brands of polymer clay include Premo, FimoClassic polymer clay canes and FimoSoft, Kato Polyclay, Sculpey (Sculpey, SuperSculpey, Sculpey III), Cernit, Formello, and Modello.

Few tools are essential for use with polymer clay, and these can often polymer clay fimo be found around polymer clay mask the house. A pasta machine is often used to create evenly polymer clay earrings flat sheets, to mix colors, to condition the clay, and to create patterned polymer clay characters sheets.

Polymer clay is available in many colors. Special-effect colors such as translucent, glow-in-the-dark, mica-containing "metallics," and "stone" colors are polymer clay crafts also available. Clays can be mixed together to create new colors, gradient blends, polymer clay mosaics or other effects. Judith Skinner was polymer clay tiles credited with a technique to use the pasta machine to create a gradient blended polymer clay mokume gane sheet of color. This technique is used frequently in many other applications and is one of the early skills developed polymer clay patterns by hobbyists or artists in the media.

Polymer clay can be colored polymer clay snowmen with other media. Paint, ink, colored pencil, chalk, metallic (mica-containing) polymer clay tools powder, metallic leaf and foil, glitter, and embossing powder can be gypsy earrings polymer clay applied to the surface. The same materials also can be mixed in as inclusions; this is often done with translucent polymer clay creations clay. When acrylic paint is cured onto the surface, it forms a polymer clay art permanent bond with the surface.

After it polymer clay buttons has cured, the clay surface can be left as it is, it can be sanded and buffed, or it can be polymer clay central finished with a varnish.

Uses and Techniques

Polymer clay polymer clay gloss finish can be used in many ways, a number of which have been generalized from other art or craft techniques. Some of polymer clay lessons the things which can be done with polymer clay include:

  • Sculpting. Hand-shaped polymer clay project pages items can be any size from "miniatures" to quite large. Bas how to make polymer clay canes relief can also be created; clay clothing and accessories can be made for sculpted figures.
  • Creating beads and polymer clay christmas crafts jewelry of all wholesale polymer clay kinds, such as pendants, earrings, barrettes, and buttons.
  • Forming "canes," which are how to fauz bone polymer clay logs of clay with patterns running through their entire length, from which identical slices can be cut and used in polymer clay tins various ways. The patterns created in canes polymer clay tutorials can be simple, complex, or anything in between; they may be pictorial or simply geometric. Canes art dolls instruction tutorial polymer clay (and therefore their images) can be "reduced" so that they become quite polymer clay basics workshop small, and then combined to make multiple images. After molding the clay in your hands, it becomes much softer from the polymer clay beads instructions warmth of your hands. Before slicing the cane, let it cool; polymer clay free patterns the image will be less prone to distortion.
  • "Cover"ing items made from materials cigar box polymer clay purse such as glass, metal, cardboard, terra cotta, and some plastics. Some popular items for covering are pens, eggshells, polymer clay babies votive candle-holders, and switch-plates. Larger items, such as tables, polymer clay finishes can also be veneered.
  • Creating vessels large and small. Jars, boxes, bowls, and container pendants can polymer clay flip flops be created polymer clay supplies freestanding, over armatures, or over removable armatures.
  • Impressing textures, lines or images into raw clay with rubber stamps, texture sheets, sandpaper, needle tools, or how to cover glass ornaments with polymer clay other items.
  • Making molds with hardened clay, then kato polymer clay pressing raw clay into the molds to create casts and to duplicate textures, shapes, whole faces. Molds mokume gane polymer clay made from metal, glass, and silicone can be used with clay as well.
  • Using polyclay to polymer clay art for sale accept "transfers" of black-and-white or color images from polymer clay craft designers photographs, drawings, computer-created images or text. Images can be transferred polymer clay figurines onto freestanding liquid clay films or decals.
  • Creating simulations or fauxs of many natural materials polymer clay free projects such as ivory, jade, turquoise, wood, granite, metal, leather, stained glass, or cloisonne.
  • Carving or drilling polyclay after it has polymer clay poinsetta cane been cured (and backfilled, if desired).
  • Inlaying tiles polymer clay vessel or chips to create mosaic.
  • Onlaying clay or other materials to create collages. A "clay gun" can be used to extrude uniform translucent polymer clay rope shapes.
  • Creating paintings with polymer business card sofa polymer clay holder pastes, and bas reliefs techs.
  • Creating practical utility items, such as frames, games and game clay polymer pieces, dioramas, toys, mini-books, notebook covers, greeting cards, and postcards.
  • "Mokume-gane": shaving off thin slices dollhouse miniatures polymer clay canes from layered but distorted stacks of clays, powders, and inks.
  • Using clay together with other media, free online instructions for polymer clay projects such as wire, paper, beads, charms, stamps, and how to make glass tiles with polymer clay fabric.

External links

There are many online polymer clay groups open to all liquid polymer clay and polymer clay guilds or clubs in the US and in other polymer clay finish countries.

Information and Message Boards

  • Good site with lots of information
  • Polymer Clay Forum Discuss polymer clay sculpting, tips, techniques.
  • Fimoland Forum Very good Spanish forum with polymer clay image transfer lots of technics, projects, polymer clay pillow bead galleries, etc.
  • Glass Attic. "Encyclopedia" of polymer clay info, with 1600 pages, polymer clay retail 90 categories of polymer techniques, lessons, and variations.
  • Polymer Clay Central offers tips, information, contests, chat, and message boards.
  • Polymer Clay polymer clay techniques for beginners FAQ
  • PC Polyzine, an online polymer clay magazine with articles about artists, polymer clay texture sheets plus tutorials and instructions.
  • Australian Polymer Clay Artists Group Aussie polymer clay artists exchange prosculpt polymer clay ideas and inspire each other.
  • Humblebeads Polymer clay beadmaking tips.
  • Polymer Clay WorkshopsOnline, international polymer clay class calendar.

More Online Groups

  • GA Online Groups Page
  • Yahoo! "polymer dollhouse miniature food in polymer clay clay" search results


  • Guilds
  • National Polymer Clay Guild


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  • Making gifts in polymer clay / polymer clay cane polymer clay cane slicer Stacey Morgan. ISBN 1-58180-104-1
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  • Polymer clay : 20 weekend projects polymer clay miniature food using new and exciting techniques / Irene Semanchuk Dean. ISBN 1-57990-168-9 (pbk.)
  • Polymer clay : polymer clay ornaments wholesale creating functional and decorative objects / Jacqueline Gikow. ISBN 0-87341-952-9 (pbk.)
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  • Polymer clay for polymer clay snowman the first time / Syndee Holt. ISBN 0-8069-6827-3 : 19.95.
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