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Discovered off Indonesia: A shark that walks on fins 

International Herald Tribune - Oct 05 8:26 AM
Scientists said they had discovered dozens of new species, including a shark that walks on its fins and a shrimp that looks like a praying mantis.

Thermo Launches Praying Mantis Diffuse Reflectance Accessory For Characterization Of Small Solid Samples 
ChemicalOnline - Sep 29 10:19 AM
Thermo Electron Corporation, a leader in analytical instrumentation, introduces the Praying Mantis diffuse reflectance accessory designed for use with Thermo's Evolution 300 and Evolution 600 UV-Visible spectrophotometers

Hawaii haven 
The Olympian - Oct 07 6:54 AM
It looked like a bomb had been dropped when I peered out of the window of our Hawaiian Airlines island hopper as we approached the ground. I kept searching for the lush rain forests I was promised.

Compared to modern times, school pranks of yesteryear seem harmless 
Kinston Free Press - Oct 06 9:24 PM
Through my adult life I’ve carried a smidgen of guilt about things we did in high school. Some pranks carried a whiff of unkindness; a few downright cruel. But, as society has coarsened, my little piece of matriculating history seems ridiculously benign and harmless.

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?Praying mantis

Praying mantis in India
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Mantodea

A praying mantis, or praying mantid praying mantus praying mantid, is the common colloquial name praying mantiss for an insect of the order Mantodea. Often paying mantis mistakenly spelled preying mantis (a tempting mistake, as they are notoriously predatory) they are in fact named for the typical "prayer-like" prayin mantis stance. The word mantis derives from the Greek word Mantes prying mantis for prophet or fortune teller. The preferred pluralization is mantids[1], though there is some usage praing mantis of mantes or mantises.

There are approximately 2,300 species praying matis in the order Mantodea world-wide; most are tropical or subtropical, praying mantas but several species live in temperate climates such as that of the northern United praying manis States, central Europe, and Siberia. Most Praying mantids belong to the family Mantidae.

Praying mantids are one prayiing mantis praying mantis of the few insects that can turn their heads. They have excellent vision, and hunt insects (and sometimes small vertebrates) by stealth and a praying mantis facts rapid striking attack. No mantis is poisonous and they present no threat praying mantis insect to humans.

Some texts refer to the European mantis praying mantis care (Mantis religiosa) as the praying mantis life cycle most common praying mantis in European countries. Ischnomantis gigas is the largest mantis with 17cm length in the female and is found in southern praying mantis the Sahel zone of Africa. The smallest mantis is praying mantis kung fu Bolbe pygmaea, which is praying mantis and picture only 1cm long when fully grown.

A gravid female praying mantis will produce praying mantis for sale a large foam mass, called an ootheca. This ootheca can contain up to 300 eggs, all protected in the foam sack. praying mantis poisonous These oothecae are laid in the fall — praying mantis pets after which the adult mantids die — pet praying mantis and can take up to five months to hatch.[1] Some species hatch in small intervals, and hatching can take up to five praying mantis diet weeks before all of the nymphs fully emerge. praying mantis food Not only do gravid females produce oothecae, what do praying mantis eat infertile oothecae can be produced by females which have not been mated. These may sometimes operation praying mantis hatch one or two nymphs; however, this is very unlikely. southern praying mantis kung fu Some species, such as Brunneria borealis, produce oothecae through parthenogenesis. all info about a praying mantis insect This is where a male is not needed to produce habitat praying mantis fertile ootheca; however, all the mantid's offspring of this sort will be female.

In the United States, praying mantis eggs species were first introduced from Europe and China praying mantis mating around 1900 as garden predators in an effort to control pest populations. The green praying mantis Carolina mantis is the official state insect of South Carolina, and the European mantis is the official state insect dead pregnant praying mantis of Connecticut.


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Some mantis species

European mantis devouring a Tenebrio seven star praying mantis molitor
  • Acanthops falcata - Venezuelan Dead Leaf mantis
  • Acanthops fuscifolia - Tropical Dead Leaf
  • Acanthops tuberculata - praying mantis pictures Tropical Dead Leaf
  • Acromantis sp. - Boxer mantis
  • Ameles decolor
Ameles decolor
  • Ameles spallanzania
  • Alalomantis muta - Cameroon mantis
  • Asiadodis squilla - tai chi praying mantis Asian shield mantis
  • Blepharopsis mendica - Thistle mantis
  • Brunneria subaptera - Stick mantis
  • Brunneria borealis - what does a praying mantis eat Stick mantis
  • Camelomantis sondaica
  • Ceratocrania macra
  • Ceratomantis saussurii
  • Choeradodis rhombicollis - Tropical shield mantis
  • Choeradodis stalii - albino praying mantis Tropical shield mantis
  • Cilnia humeralis
  • Creobroter meleagris - Flower mantis
  • Creobroter gemmatus - facts about the praying mantis Indian flower mantis
Indian flower praying mantis egg case mantis - adult female threat pose
  • Creobroter pictipennis - Indian flower mantis
  • Creobroter elongata - Flower praying mantis mouse mantis
  • Deroplatys angustata - Dead Leaf mantis
  • Deroplatys desiccata - praying mantis picture Dead Leaf mantis
  • Deroplatys lobata - Dead Leaf mantis
  • Deroplatys truncata - praying mantis video Dead Leaf mantis
Dead leaf mantis
  • Empusa fasciata
  • Empusa pennata
  • Eremiaphila brunneri - Common desert what does a praying mantis symbolize mantis
  • Eremiaphila zetterstedti
  • Euchomenella heteroptera - Twig mantis
  • Gongylus gongylodes - is it illegal to kill a praying mantis Indian rose/Violin mantis
  • Gonatista grisea - Grizzled mantis
  • Heterochaeta strachani
  • Hierodula membranacea - Giant Asian mantis
  • Hierodula grandis - Giant Indian mantis
  • Hierodula patellifera - praying mantis costume Indo-Pacific praying mantis egg mantis
  • Hierodula parviceps - Philippine mantis
Hierodula parviceps eating a praying mantis endangered cricket
  • Holaptilon pusillulum - Jumpy mantis
  • Hoplocorypha sp.
  • Humbertiella ceylonica
  • Hymenopus coronatus - Orchid mantis
  • Idolomantis diabolica - Devil's Flower mantis
  • Idolomorpha madagascariensis
  • Ischnomantis gigas
  • Iris oratoria - praying mantis kung fu hamden connecticut Mediterranean mantis
Iris oratoria
  • Liturgusa lichenalis - praying mantis protected Lichen mantis
  • Macromantis hyalina
  • Mantis religiosa - European mantis
  • Miomantis caffra - praying mantis vs mouse South African mantis
  • Miomantis paykullii - Egyptian pregnant praying mantis mantis
  • Miomantis abyssinica - Egyptian mantis
  • Odontomantis sp. - Ant mantis
  • Oligonicella scudderi - info about a praying mantis Scudder's mantis
  • Orthodera novaezealandiae - New Zealand mantis
  • Otomantis sp. - Boxer mantis
  • Oxyopsis gracilis - Peruvian mantis
  • Oxyopsis peruviana - Peruvian mantis
  • Oxyothespis dumonti
  • Paramantis prasina
Paramantis prasina
  • Parasphendale agrionina - Bud-winged mantis
  • Parasphendale affinis - African banded mantis
  • Paratoxodera cornicollis - praying mantis as pets Giant Malaysian stick mantis
  • Phyllocrania paradoxa - Ghost mantis
  • Phyllovates chlorophaea
  • Plistospilota guineensis
  • Polyspilota aeruginosa
  • Popa spurca - twig mantis
  • Pseudocreobotra ocellata - praying mantis law Spiny flower mantis
Creobroter gemmatus
  • Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii - Spiny all about praying mantis flower mantis
  • Pseudovates arizonae - Arizona unicorn mantis
  • Rhombodera basalis - Giant Malaysian shield mantis
  • Rhombodera extensicollis - Giant shield mantis
  • Rhombodera megaera - Giant shield mantis
  • Rivetina baetica - cat eat praying mantis Ground gladys the praying mantis poem mantis
  • Sphodromantis balachowskyi - African mantis
  • Sphodromantis chud - African mantis
  • Sphodromantis lineola - African mantis
  • Sphodromantis rubrostigma - how does a praying mantis move in their house African mantis
  • Sphodromantis centralis - African mantis
  • Sphodromantis viridis - African mantis or green mantis
Sphodromantis viridis nymphs
  • Sphodromantis gastrica - African mantis
  • Stagmatoptera hyaloptera
  • Stagmomantis californica - killing a praying mantis California mantis
  • Stagmomantis carolina - live chinese praying mantis Carolina mantis
  • Stagmomantis limbata - Bordered mantis
  • Stagmomantis floridensis - Florida mantis
  • Sibylla pretiosa
  • Tamolanica tamolana
  • Tarachodes afzelii
  • Tarachodula pantherina
  • Theopropus elegans - Elegant picture of a praying mantis mantis
  • Tisma freyi
  • Taumantis sigiana - Lime-green mantis
  • Tenodera australasiae
  • Tenodera angustipennis - picture of praying mantis Narrow-winged mantis
  • Tenodera sinensis - Chinese mantis
Chinese mantis eating a bee
  • Toxodera denticulata - praying mantis as a pet Giant Malaysian stick praying mantis bite humans mantis
  • Yersiniops sophronicum - Yersin's ground mantis
  • Yersiniops solitarium - Horned ground mantis
  • Zoolea lobipes

For a more detailed treatment of this praying mantis fact sheet insect, see Mantodea.

Praying Mantis praying mantis feeding in Popular Culture

  • Zorak - an animated mantis from the cartoon Space Ghost.
  • Manny, a character from the Disney/Pixar movie A Bug's praying mantis gifts Life praying mantis hummingbird is a praying mantis
  • Apollo Lunar Module - The insect-like appearance of the moon-landing portion of praying mantis infomation the Apollo spacecraft resembled a "giant praying mantis" according to Apollo 11 Command Module Pilot Michael praying mantis texas Collins citation needed].
  • Mantazz, a playable character in scientific classification of praying mantis the videogame Time Killers, is a human-sized alien that greatly resembles a praying mantis.
  • In China there is a Praying Mantis species of praying mantis Kung Fu style ( 螳螂拳) based on the movement of the Chinese Mantis, thailand boxer praying mantis although there are Northern and Southern style but both of them have facts about praying mantis the recognisable mantis hand movement (with their long fighting praying mantis and middle fingers pointing downwards).
  • The Magic School Bus spins web, praying fossilized praying mantis eggs mantis appearant as villian witch the kids must stop.


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