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Shock-rock's 10 defining moments 

The Buffalo News - 42 minutes ago
Failing to let anyone in on the gag, Who drummer Keith Moon fills his bass drum with flash powder and ignites it during the coda of "My Generation," nearly killing the whole band and permanently damaging Pete Townshend's hearing. All on prime-time TV.

Danielson North American Tour Takes Shape 
Pitchfork - Oct 08 12:19 AM
Danielson works in mysterious ways, and though the majority of the band's upcoming tour dates do not have confirmed venues, locations for the first month have been announced.

Soul band comes to Topaz 
The Record-Courier - Oct 07 6:01 AM
A behind-the-scenes pioneer of the 1970s soul funk explosion, Trey Stone was a key player in the era's dance-funk sound and contributed his talents as a guitarist, keyboard player, vocalist and writer for dozens of hit recordings.

Festival Roundup: Reading, V-Festival, Benicassim, Bestival 
The Wessex Scene Online - Oct 08 1:11 AM
Reading: Best Performance: Muse Worst Performance: Fields Best Newcomer: The Klaxons One to watch: Mumm-Ra Best Costume: Karen-O Most Memorable Moment: Yeah Yeah Yeah’s performing ‘Maps’ The Carling Stage provided some of the weekend’s highlights, with bands to watch out for including The Fratellis, Larrikin Love, The Maccabees, Hot Chip, The Klaxons, Sunshine Underground, The Spinto Band and one




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This article is about the common household item. For other meanings, see Rubber band (disambiguation).
Five rubber bands

A rubber band (in some regions known as a binder, elastic or lacker band or gumband in rubber ban Australia) is a short length of rubber rubber band man and latex formed in the shape of rubber bands a loop. Such bands are typically used to hold multiple objects together. The rubber band was patented rubber band banks in England on March 17, 1845 by Stephen Perry.


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The main rubber band guns idea in manufacturing rubber bands is straightforward: fundraiser rubber wrist bands Manufacture a long rubber tube, then slice it into little bands.[1]

While other band gun pistol rubber rubber products may be made using synthetic rubber plans for a rubber band gun developed in World War II, rubber bands are primarily manufactured using natural rubber because of rubber band powered car its superior elasticity.

The modern rubber band is different from its rubber band gun ancestor at the time of patenting by Stephen Perry in that rubber is now build a rubber band gun vulcanized. The vulcanization process makes the rubber more durable and elastic, rubber band car and therefore makes the rubber band useful.

Measuring and numbering

Measuring a rubber band

A rubber band breast cancer pink rubber band is given a standard number based on its how to make rubber band guns dimensions.

A rubber band has three basic dimentions: Length, width, and thickness. (See rubber band bank picture.)

A rubber band's length is half its circumference.

Its thickness is the distance how to make a rubber band gun from the inner circle to the outer circle.

Lay a rubber band down so that it makes a circle. The band's width is rubber band bracelets the height of rubber band exercise that band or cylinder. If one imagines a long tube of plans for a rubber band gun for free rubber before it is sliced into rubber bands, the band's width is how far apart the slices are rubber band gatling gun cut.

Rubber bands are numbered from small to large, width first.

Thus, rubber bands rubber band man song numbered 8-19 are all 1/16 inches wide, with length going from 7/8 inches to 3 1/2 inches. Rubber band numbers vw convertible top rubber bands 30-34 are for width of 1/8 inches, going again from shorter to longer.

For even longer rubber band tricks bands, the black rubber bands numbering starts over for numbers above 100, again starting at width 1/16 inches.

Uses of

Because of the rebound property resulting from a rubber band's elasticity, the rubber band machine gun rubber band has numerous uses, many recreational and others serious.

A common rubber band shooting Red Rubber band
  • A common way to suspend hard drive(s) in a computer case largest rubber band ball is to use rubber bands. Suspending hard building rubber band cars drive(s) avoids contact between the hard drive(s) and the computer case. history of rubber bands This results in reducing vibrations to the case, which reduces noise in the computer case.
  • Rubber bands are often used in orthodontics to help instructions for a rubber band gun realign teeth over a period of time.
  • A makeshift eraser can be rubber band car designs made by wrapping a rubber band tightly around the end of rubber band free flight plane plans a pencil.
  • Rubber bands can be tied together to create a Chinese jump rubber band power cars rope. Many rubber bands wrapped one by one around 16 purple rubber bands a core will form a bouncy rubber band ball.
  • Rubber bands are used during aerobic exercising as how to build a rubber band car fitness tools.
  • A rubber band, although it can be very thin, does have a non-zero thickness. Therefore, when a rubber band juvenile diabetes association rubber band bracelet is fixed on two ends and then twisted upon itself, rubber band powered cars it is equivalent to being stretched. As a result, the band large rubber bands will try to unstretch by untwisting itself.

Based on this rubber band magic trick property, rubber bands are sometimes used to power model aircraft or other mechanical toys. When the rubber band untwists itself, rubber wrist bands it will rotate the wings affixed to it.

  • Rubber bands can be used as rubber arm bands projectiles. The easiest way of doing rubber band balls this is to place one end on the thumb or index finger and stretch the other rubber band gun rifles with the opposite hand. When the latter end rubber band man mp3 is let go, the band will release. Rubber band guns also exist to fire rubber bands, and are generally rubber band man ti more accurate.

Rubber bands sting if shot at point-blank range against bare skin, but are generally harmless. tattoo machine rubber band However, it is best to avoid firing them at another person's face or eyes, bare skin, or what are biodegradable rubber bands made out of at close range.

Rubber bands are sometimes used in yellow rubber watch band intra-office or school pranks, involving employees or students with many dozens of rubber bands director's select rubber bands being shot at or between other various employees live strong rubber band or students.


In hip hop music, the term "a rubber band" is often used in reference to drug dealers, who use make a rubber band guns a rubber band to hide a bundle rubber band exercise equipment of dollar bills under their armsleeves.


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